Feelings For Tekken

Basically!! my feelings for Tekken are huge!! I fell in love with Tekken 3 in 98 and from then on I still love it.If you dont love Tekken you can not be a Tekken master..cos if you love it you adapt to all the moves and they stay in your head for years to come and you always want to play it all the time.!!
The character Hwoarang is the best fighter on any game on any computer. he’d kick hell out of all the street fighters,all the DOA fighters,all the virtua fighters everyone in the world basically!!! As for Jin Kazama he is my second favourite cos he looks cool for one (not as cool as Hwoarang) he hits hard! and he will kick the shit out of all the other fighters in all the other games aswell..
There is loads of Hwoarang and Jin fans out there who probably think the same as I..and I bet you’ve all tried to copy there ways ie.hair cuts,hair colours etc…!! so any way enough blabbering!! I will Discuss more about this matter in my personal section! aswell it might lead into my Tekken master tips section located in Hwoarang and Jin’s main page .

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