What kinda guys do you fall in love with?  How does he look?

Well..he must have some nice ass, he might be a little bit muscular.. 😛

Not skinny! Firm legs are nice. I prefer dark hair, and dark eyes.. I can’t resist a ‘naughty’ look in his eyes or an adorable smirk if you know what I’m talking about…

His personality..? He must be tough..sexy.. good sense of humour, he may be a bit arrogant (don’t ask me why I just think it is tempting) 😀 I like it if he’s good at one specific sport, especially at martial arts. I’d like him to be a bit assertive, self-confident, a little bit pigheaded.. when it comes to it he’s sweet and sensitive.. you know what I mean, a sort of a bad boy with a little heart… ^________________________________^ sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

How do I look?

I’ve got natural darkblond hair. My hair is long, and I regularly dye my hair red..(dark red)..a bit like Hwoarang! 😀
Furthermore..I’ve got green eyes, and a slender figure.

I like very many ways of clothing. I prefer to wear a tight shirt and a tight pair of trousers. Shoes are a very important part of my collection. I love to wear jackets, so I can combine it with the rest. I like shirts with cool manga prints on it, and I also have a thing for army prints (camouflage, as some people call it).

Accesoiries are always fun to buy, rings, bracelets and belts are things I like very much, and I like to be original! That means that clothes always should be a bit different than just normal, standard clothes. It just got to have something special. Except jeans, I like to wear them too.

Talking about Tekken, how did you get to know the game?

On a very simple way, thanks to my brother! One day he decided to take his playstation to me and show me some cool games. And then suddenly he showed Tekken3, and I fell in love with the game immediately! After that afternoon I asked him to borrow his playstation (incl. Tekken3, doh), and ehm..he STILL never got it back!! whahahah…(well, ofcourse he got his playstation back when I got playstation2, but Tekken3…)


Tekken became a real addiction, and Hwoarang, ofcourse, directly became my big hunk. Day and night I was seaching the whole web for pics and downloads on him, all kinda stuff. I immediately discovered that Tekkenzaibatsu was the ultimate source, and ofcourse the altar of Hwoarang and Hwoarang.com became my top-favorite sites, and actually I then already had the feeling that I wanted to make a site of Hwoarang too, but I didn’t have the knowledge nor the skill to make a site, so I decided to cut down the plan.

Day in day out I was playing and practicing with Hwoarang, and when Tekkentag came out the real stuff began! Everytime when I played and practiced I became a bit better. (by the way don’t get me wrong, I’m not a master or something, like the korean Tekken players, NO WAY!! I just love to play it, and I play it quite well although I can only speak for myself) ^_^

Then I had the idea to show Thea, (my sis) the game cause I really wanted to know what she’d think of it although I knew there was a big chance she wouldn’t like it, cause she was never interested in this sort of things, but I thought I should give it a try! Nowadays she really LOVES Tekken, or actually, Jin. (ofcourse, why not, the whole Tekken world loves Jin, Namco’s handsome poster-boy).. no, just kidding. I know that was a outworn joke 😀 everyone just got their own taste and that’s fine, so do I, and I even have a (much) better one!

Who are your favorites from Tekken?

* Kazuya (but devil is cooler) 😛

Kazuya..has something that attracts me. He’s tough, a little bit arrogant, which I normally like very much in a character.

* Yeah..here he comes : JIN KAZAMA!! (girls screaming)

He’s my no.2 because he looks good, his fighting style is cool, and in my opinion his Tekken4 fighting style is way cooler than before..his way of clothing is great, I like the flame pants and the Tekken4 outfits, but I think his remaining outfits (in Tekkentag) are a lot less interesting. The school outfit is ok. Jinnie schoolboy!

* HWOARANG!! (kim screaming)

 Hwoarang is my absolute no.1 because he’s got the looks, toughest attitude, coolest fighting style, coolest outfits and is by FAR the most sexiest character ever created. ‘Nuff said.

Who are your less favorites then?

Well that’s simple, I don’t like the non-human stuff, like the jacks, combot and the animals. There are a few exceptions though, I like King+Armorking, Yoshimitsu, Ogre+True Ogre and Devil.

Okay, I think that’s it for now! If you have any questions or just want to email me for fun / to say hi, you ca